Welcome to the Fundamentals of Music Theory Workbook Series! Many directors have come to the conclusion that teaching music theory is an essential part of successful curriculum. Music is a language and students simply become better players with increased knowledge of the language.

Until now, there were no music theory materials available which met the specific needs of music students (and their teachers). Fundamentals of Music Theory was created to fill this need. Written by a real-world band director for students in his middle and high school bands, the series was designed to teach the basics of music theory within the context of the traditional class while consuming minimal amounts of precious rehearsal time.

Fundamentals of Music Theory is the result of over ten years of practical classroom trial and application. Each lesson, exercise and quiz has been tested with real kids in real band programs with great success. The series is designed to be easy to understand and easy to use. Lessons are carefully written and are followed by an abundance of exercises.

The sample pages inside this Preview Guide are just a small portion of the total material available. We hope you like what you see and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Best wishes to you and your students.


  • To reinforce through writing, the learning that takes place through method book studies and literature performance.
  • To provide teachers with a written form of evaluating student understanding.
  • To ensure that band students become “thinking musicians” who understand what they play as well as how to play it.
  • To guarantee a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music theory for college-bound music students.
  • To validate the band class as an academic, curriculum-driven part of the school day.
  • To assure parents that their children are receiving a comprehensive, well-rounded music education.
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  • 24 Quizes
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